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Terms & Conditions


The first two weeks of sale of any new animals with be full payment only.  After the two weeks, we will begin considering payment plans.  HK Constrictors will not ship snakes before they are paid for in full.  Should Customer's snake become ill or die during the payment plan period, HK Constrictors will provide Customer with a full refund.  If, for any reason whatsoever, Customer fails to pay the balance prior to the expiration of the agreed upon payment plan, HK Constrictors will keep twenty-five percent (25%) of the deposit and return any additional monies that you have paid.  Customer may apply forfeited deposits to the purchase of a future animal, if any become available.  


Unless otherwise noted, all snakes are in perfect condition and have not had any history of internal or external parasites, respiratory infection, prolapse, kinks or skinfolds.  Customer is responsible for quarantining all new specimens for a sufficient period of time.  HK Constrictors will not be responsible for the alleged or actual death or illness of other animals in your collection due to your failure to follow appropriate quarantine protocols.  Provided that HK Constrictors does not specifically state that an animal is feeding on live mice, every snake that it sells will have been aggressively feeding on frozen-thawed mice.  Customer represents and agrees that he or she has the knowledge, ability and experience necessary to properly care for these animals.  HK Constrictors will take reasonable steps to provide after-sale support and advice, but cannot guarantee that Customer's new snake will thrive due to differences in husbandry practices.  Snakes sometimes go off-feed as a result of the stress of shipping or being placed in a new environment.  This is particularly true for sexually mature males.


Shipping within the United States is included in the price of all snakes, unless stated otherwise.  HK Constrictors ships via FedEx/Reptiles Express and requires that snakes be held for pickup at the nearest FedEx staffed facility.  HK Constrictors will delay shipping if weather conditions will jeopardize the health of the snake(s). 


HK Constrictors guarantees live arrival, provided that Customer complies with all of the following requirements:

1.     Customer must pick up the package within one (1) hour of FedEx making it available for pick up;

2.     Customer must notify HK Constrictors of any problems within two (2) hours of receiving the package; and

3.     Customer must provide HK Constrictors with a picture of the deceased animal(s). 

Should a snake arrive deceased, and Customer satisfies the above requirements, HK Constrictors will provide Customer with a full refund.  If Customer insists that HK Constrictors ships directly to his or her door, or if hold for pickup is not an option, live arrival is not guaranteed.


HK Constrictors guarantees that animals that are sold as “sexed” animals will be accurately sexed.  In the event an animal is mis-sexed, Customer must provide written notification to HK Constrictors within two weeks of receiving the animal.  After the expiration of the two-week period, HK Constrictors will no longer be responsible for mis-sexed animals. 

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